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[Post Game Thread] The Denver Nuggets defeat the Los Angeles Lakers 114-106 behind 28/8/12 from Jamal Murray to cut the series to 2-1




[–][UTA] Joe Ingles NitroXYZ 4190 指標 2小時前

When the Lakers went on a 19-2 run, over a stretch of 4 minutes, to cut the margin to just 3 points with 6 minutes remaining I thought there was no way Denver could hold on to win. They had recorded 6 straight turnovers and seemed to have completely fallen apart. Massive respect to the team and Murray again for being able to respond to the pressure and come up clutch.


[–][DAL] Wang Zhizhi suzukigun4life 1372 指標 2小時前

Maple Curry took over when it mattered most


[–][BOS] Marcus Smart berreckobamer 469 指標 2小時前

That fake spin step back three was the most 2016 curry shit I’ve seen since 2016


[–]Cavaliers Calvinball05 51 指標 2小時前

His release is so quick, too.


[–]Knicks OuchYouPokedMyHeart 314 指標 2小時前

Channeled his inner skyfucker there


[–]Raptors Reddits-Reckoning 56 指標 3小時前

Steph Curry wears Jamal Murray pyjamas to sleep


[–][GSW] Ian Clark oscarony 693 指標 2小時前

Lakers should have kept attacking. Instead they gave it to Kuzma lol


[–]Cavaliers LeKingofAkron 28 指標 3小時前

They kept settling for threes and jump shots!


[–]Lakers tabriz100 90 指標 3小時前

Kuzma was fantastic tonight for Denver


[–][LAL] Marcelo Huertas henstobs11 509 指標 2小時前

Kuzma single-handedly killed the momentum with idiotic passes, rushed shots and hesitating on that open 3. Fuck Vogel for putting him in too long, he wasn't even crucial for that 19-2 run it was mostly Rondo Bron KCP and AC


[–]NBA jet_10 161 指標 3小時前

Seeing Kuz be like "oh...oh shit, I have an open look... okay I'll take it" into a brick then Murray swishing a turn around 3 is something else lmao


[–]Heat pznred 167 指標 2小時前

Exactly that's the turnaround. And AD being completely gassed


[–]Emperor_Cheeto21 62 指標 2小時前

That's what happens when you play like shit the whole game and wait until the 4th to turn it up down big. AD had to play 42 minutes this game, by far the most he has all postseason.


[–]Spurs NotFrankSalazar 104 指標 2小時前*

Also Denver stopped doing the high pick and roll. The zone was doing great against it but didn’t do well man vs man. Denver made an adjustment to Lakers zone adjustment.


[–]Warriors zodiacs 1050 指標 2小時前

There were a ton of bad calls during that run IMO.


[–]76ers 1724_qwerty_boy_4271 109 指標 2小時前

So many obvious reach in fouls that led to turnovers


[–]Lakers Suejiro217 951 指標 2小時前

Rondo got away with some fouls


[–]Celtics Pranay1717 167 指標 2小時前

Yup right in front of the ref too.


[–]Lakers Jayveesac 306 指標 2小時前

The one where he held Murray back for a steal comes to mind hahaha


[–]Supersonics B-i-s-m-a-r-k 133 指標 3小時前

Takeaway from this game: you can do whatever you want to Murray's arms forever



[–]Lakers jackjack320455 25 指標 3小時前

Grant and the rest of the bench carried the Nuggets throughout the game, and when it was time to shine, with the Lakers knocking on the door, it was Murray who pulled them away.


[–]Raptors MeatballMcFly 222 指標 3小時前

I want to be friends with Jamal Murray


[–][CHI] Cameron Payne Sim888 972 指標 3小時前

Murray on three straight trips down:


Great pass for a bucket

Step back three on Caruso

Crazy clutch from Jamal!

Bet those six straight turnovers scared the shit outta Nuggets fan tho!



[–]Thunder Midwest__Misanthrope 22 指標 3小時前

Remember when people said Murray wasn’t worth his contract? I know he was inconsistent but you pay a man that can score like he can and is as young as he is. What a baller and has completely quieted the doubters.


[–]76ers ErickBachman 474 指標 3小時前

Superstar confirmed


[–]Lakers SuperBatSpider 36 指標 3小時前

Yeah, he’s solidified his superstar status


[–]Mavericks IconicMotherfucker 114 指標 3小時前

Idk about superstar but star for sure


[–]annoyguy 51 指標 3小時前

We love throwing around the word superstar after every insane performance.


[–]Heat Nazipunksfckoff 15 指標 3小時前

He's been playing insane for basically the entire playoffs. I'll wait to the regular season to decide if hes truly a superstar but if dudes was putting Zion in the list of top 25 players after 19 games then I dont mind ppl saying murray is a superstar for playing fantastic in the most important time in the nba.


[–]heej 19 指標 2小時前

Jokic-Murray pick and roll is the most unguardable go-to play I've seen in maybe 10-15 years. As a LeBron fan I've never felt so helpless against a specific playcall like this. It's absolutely insane to watch. You can't switch, Jokic will kill the switch. You can't trap, Jokic will kill the short roll. You can't drop, Murray will pop a 3 on you. You can't high hedge, Jokic will pop a 3 on you. You can't late switch, Jokic will pop a 3 on you. WTF do you realistically do against this.

It's almost like we're watching a remix of what Nash and Dirk could've been if Cuban let them stick together. This Nuggets team looks like the dynasty of the 2020s unless Luka and KP do something about it. Particularly KP learning how to kill switches so that their PNR tandem presents the same matchup problems.




[–]NBA jet_10 2251 指標 3小時前

Nuggets setting up the 3-1 perfectly, all according to plan

But damn, Lakers closed that 20 point gap so soon yet Nuggets clutched it. Those 2 3s by Murray were insane. Grant and Morris really came through today



[–]Nuggets Pandiosity_24601 102 指標 2小時前

We have an issue of letting off the gas when we’re up by a decent margin


[–]Lakers msnwong 59 指標 2小時前

As does any team. That's why you need a guy like Murray who can stop the bleeding.


[–]Lakers AstroCoffee 567 指標 3小時前*

We had two wide open looks to tie the game, KCP and Kuz bricked horribly. Game was there for the taking but well played Denver.


[–][OKC] Steven Adams DeadDay 120 指標 2小時前

So how to beat the lakers in the 4th is leave everyone open and dont foul


[–]Mavericks VarandasDeus 320 指標 2小時前

Also AD was gassed to fuck.


[–]Warriors uberdosage 510 指標 2小時前

If only he had the same level of conditioning and fitness of Nikola Jokic


[–]Spurs A_Vizzle 555 指標 3小時前

How you 6’13” and only get 2 rebounds in a game


[–][OKC] Jerami Grant giohoho 34 指標 3小時前

Has one more board than eyebrows lmfao


[–]Nuggets Skrong 813 指標 3小時前

How do you not even luck into like 5-7 boards a game at 7 feet tall??


[–]jawadhaque089 424 指標 3小時前

Roy Hibbert


[–]NBA jet_10 799 指標 3小時前

When I saw he had 20 points and 0 rebounds in that graphic I was shook lmao


[–]Pistons Jaerba 420 指標 3小時前

Nuggets were +19 on rebounds. That's nuts against the Lakers.


[–]Bulls IvvyX 50 指標 3小時前

AD played soft tonight. Actually all the bigs for LA felt a bit soft to me. Can't let the Nuggets man handle you guys like that. Bron felt like the only guy pushing for boards.


[–]Nuggets tacopower69 202 指標 2小時前

i swear jokic is on some rodman shit with rebounds. He is always moving towards where the ball is going before it even bounces off the rim. He always gets mad rebounds and yeah he's tall af but he isn't quick or have the hops to get as many as he does as consistently as he does. Dude's got some freaky foresight


[–]Lakers mansfieldflame 109 指標 2小時前

High IQ player


[–][BOS] Shaquille O'Neal gda19 687 指標 3小時前

Looking at all those prediction threads before this game you'd think the Lakers are the Durant Warriors


[–]76ers ErickBachman 474 指標 3小時前

Caruso can't win with these cats man


[–]Lakers Jayveesac 142 指標 3小時前

LA got badly outrebounded tonight which I feel like is the difference in the game. Also, JaVale should probably play more in G4. Dwight is all over the place lol


[–]Mavericks UnPhayzable 62 指標 3小時前

Honestly, Caruso needs real talent like Marcelo Huertas


[–]Lakers DireGambit 49 指標 3小時前

lol half these LeBron stans in Laker flairs have no idea who that is


[–][PHI] Robert Covington sjekky 238 指標 3小時前

I don't want to watch anything other than the Playoff Nuggets. They're incredible. And could easily be up 2-1 on a very good Lakers team right now.

Shout out to Jerami Grant. A Process Sixers legend who has improved every year and is now a totally different player to when he came in the league.



[–]Nuggets thewavefixation 58 指標 3小時前

So proud of this guy and his development in the past month


[–]Nuggets I_paintball 30 指標 2小時前

I really hope we can keep him around for a while longer, he fits in so well with the team.


[–]Philippines pen__pen 124 指標 3小時前

Jerami Grant was getting doubled in a conference finals game


[–]Nuggets HugeBreakfast2 36 指標 2小時前

And made a miracle pass out of it lol


[–]Warriors Incronaut 15 指標 1小時前

When Grant made that fast break layup with LeBron on one side and I think AD on the other trying to guard him made me think for a split second Grant was the greatest player in the world



[–]Wizards lil_layne 2478 指標 3小時前

Now Lakers have to lose next game or else Nuggets are coming back from 3-1


[–]Warriors darknecross 1717 指標 3小時前

Nuggets got them right where they want them.

If Lakers win, they face the 3-1 Nuggets.

If Lakers lose, series is tied 2-2.




[–]Raptors Ruffle2Shuffle 193 指標 3小時前

Next game is a must lose for both teams.


[–]Pistons Kapono24 69 指標 3小時前

We really don't know if the 2-2 Nuggets are worse, though.


[–]Hispanic AtTehDisco 67 指標 3小時前

if the 3-1 nuggets are '98 bulls maybe the 2-2 nugs are KD warriors


[–]Raptors yantraman 205 指標 3小時前

Fun fact: All playoff game winning buzzer-beaters in the bubble have been made by the losing team. Luka, OG, AD ...


[–]Nuggets Jay_The_Bee 33 指標 2小時前

I like this stat


[–]Raptors Lizardchuckle 61 指標 3小時前

Nuggets v Heat finals plz





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